Old New Electronic Music Sessions - Very Limited Digipack Compact Disk Edition

from Daily Misconceptions

The OLD NEW ELECTRONIC MUSIC SESSIONS curated by DIGITÓPIA, are extremely provocative regarding the appropriation and reuse, so typical of the remixes era. Several musicians of today (some well unlikely) are invited to create new music from an existing song preferably one that is extremely well known in the history of electroacoustic music.

Ghuna X
Harmonic Triptych (inspired by resonanzen (1970), Oskar Sala)

Gustavo Costa
Variation on Tautologos III (inspired by Tautologos III (1970), Luc Ferrari)

Daily Misconceptions
Around Oraison (inspired by Oraison (1937), Olivier Messiaen)

Joana Gama & Luís Fernandes
Music for Amplified Toy Piano Etcetera (inspired by Music for Amplified Toy Pianos (1960), John Cage)

Audio Mastering: Pedro Augusto
Artwork: Diogo Duque Paula
Photos: Alexandre Delmar

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